Turkey to mandate approval for exports of medical protective gear

Turkey's Trade Ministry has placed protective medical gear like masks, bodysuits and gloves, on the list of items that need ministry pre-approval for being sold abroad, the official gazette said on Mar. 4. The export regulation comes amid a worldwide coronavirus outbreak that increased the global demand for such goods.

Duvar English

Turkey's Trade Ministry is now requiring the vendors of medical protective gear to get approval for exporting the goods. This is an attempt to accommodate the sudden spike in demand for the products amid a worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

Protective masks, bodysuits, liquid-tight aprons and goggles were added to the list of goods that require pre-approval from the ministry to get exported, the official gazette said on Mar. 4.

The regulations now mandate pre-approval from the ministry for the export of these products.

Prices have been on the rise for these goods as a worldwide coronavirus outbreak has killed 2,800 in China and over 70 in more than 50 countries.

While Turkey has placed people travelling from infected countries under quarantine, it has yet to report cases of coronavirus.