World-famous Turkish surgeon Dr. Öz releases 'coronavirus survival protocol'

Widely-known Turkish surgeon Mehmet Öz released a "coronavirus survival protocol" on March 8 in which he suggested lifestyle changes and supplemental immune support measures in addition to more common hygiene practices. In what came as a surprise to many, Öz suggested meditation as a means of protection from contracting coronavirus as it may improve the immune system.

Duvar English

World-famous Turkish surgeon Dr. Mehmet Öz released a "coronavirus survival protocol" in which he provides advice on lifestyle adjustments and supplements for immunity support that stood out from the standard protection guidelines.

In the "survival protocol," Dr. Öz suggested "meditation" as a means of protection in a Tweet on March 8. "It may support the immune system," Dr. Öz said as a reason to promote meditation in his Tweet.

Dr. Öz suggested improving air quality as a lifestyle change, urging the use of a humidifier since "viruses dislike humid air."

Dr. Öz also suggested the use of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, a type of purifying filter that improves air quality.

"HEPA filters decrease the number of virus particles in the air," Dr. Öz said in his survival protocol.

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In addition, Dr. Öz recommended more than seven hours of sleep per night and regular exercise as lifestyle adjustments to prevent contracting coronavirus.

Supplemental immune support

Dr. Öz suggested two sets of immune support supplements: one to avoid getting sick and one to deal with the coronavirus upon its contraction.

To avoid getting ill, Dr. Öz suggested consuming 1,200 international units of vitamin D3, found in salmon, egg yolks and mushrooms.

In addition, he suggested eating green vegetables and fruits like kiwi, citruses and blackberries "for essential vitamins and minerals."

Lastly, Dr. Öz suggested getting the flu shot to avoid confusing the coronavirus with the common flu.

As for if one gets sick, Dr. Öz suggested a daily 80 mg of zinc, found in meat, shellfish and nuts, 250 mg of vitamin C, 250 mg of beta-glucan from oats and elderberry four times a day, meaning syrup and lozenges.

Preparation for a possible quarantine: Toilet paper

Dr. Öz suggested getting supplies of essential household items to stock up for a possible quarantine.

Dr. Öz included toilet paper, soap, detergent, non-perishable and freezer-friendly foods and medication in his shopping list.

The head of French supermarket company Leclerc said on March 11 that there was a disruption to supplies of basic staples such as pasta, rice or toilet paper in areas most affected by the virus, such as eastern France or the Oise region, north of Paris.

Meanwhile, the Australian state police charged two women in Sydney who were involved in a violent brawl over toilet rolls on March 8 as major grocers in the country restrict supplies to one pack per person.

The police of New South Wales said two women, aged 23 and 60, were issued court attendance notices for affray "following an altercation at a supermarket". They are due to appear at a local court on April 28.

Toilet paper has emerged as the unlikely No.1 stockpiling target for people worried that the spread of the coronavirus epidemic will lead to supply shortages.

Toilet rolls grabbed Australian headlines on March 7 as well, when police were called to a supermarket in Sydney's south-west after a scuffle broke out among three women over lavatory paper.