Duvar English

Turkish police have announced that legal action will be taken on “misleading” social media posts about the presence of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Turkey.

According to a statement released on police’s website, posts that cause the public to get panicked and feel frightened were determined.

“As a result of investigations, fake accounts that featured fake images and sound files on coronavirus presence in Turkey and social media posts that incite fear and panic in the society were determined. Necessary legal action was taken on these individuals who aim to incite fear and their transfer to judicial authorities will be carried out as soon as possible,” the statement read.

While coronavirus has been spreading in Turkey’s neighboring countries, no cases were reported in Turkey.

Separately, a man who claimed to have been infected with the deadly virus was detained in the northwestern province of Bursa on March 7.

The 68-year-old man, identified only by the initials as E.O., visited two hospitals in two days, claiming to suffer from coronavirus upon his return from Italy.

Following tests at both of the hospitals, no coronavirus was found. It was also determined that he has never visited Italy.

The man was detained over disturbing individuals’ peace and harmony, as well as provoking the public.

Authorities were elaborating whether the man has any psychological disorders.