German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s video about social distancing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus was released with Turkish subtitles and shared on social media by government spokesperson, Steffen Seibert, with a Turkish message March 15.

Merkel said that the fact that there is no known cure to the disease makes it essential that the spread is curbed, for which she suggested social distancing—the practice of limiting human contact.

“This means we have to limit our social interactions as much as possible, in as many ways as possible. This way, we help the people who are most vulnerable, the elderly and ill,” Merkel said.

Everyone can help stop the spread of the coronavirus by social distancing, which will help prevent an overload to the healthcare system, the chancellor added. 

Citizens should avoid socializing outside of their immediate family as much as possible, Merkel noted.

“Experts say that grandchildren should avoid visiting grandparents, because it’s best to try to prevent the elderly from ever contracting the virus, let alone trying to keep them out of the hospital,” Merkel said. 

Many European countries are in the same situation as Germany, the chancellor said, and that the German government is taking precautionary measures to ease the blow of the virus on the economy. 

Germany has formed a crisis desk including the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, Health Minister and Defense Minister. 

Turkey ruled to temporarily close down all cafes, restaurants and social gathering venues March 16, and bars and nightclubs March 15. Schools are on break starting March 16, for at least one week.

There were 18 known cases of the coronavirus in Turkey March 16.