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For the purpose of decreasing the risk of coronavirus infection, a scientific board from the Ministry of Health has ordered that tables in restaurants must be at least one meter apart from another, and that two meters is the preferred distance.

Bars, nightclubs, cafes, gyms and scores of other establishments were shut down by the Interior Ministry as the number of coronavirus cases in Turkey doubles by the day, though restaurants have remained open. 

Windows in restaurants are to be opened when cleaned and are to remain open for an hour afterward, the board determined 

General cleaning is to be done with water and detergent cleaning fluid, and places such as surfaces, rails, buttons, telephones and restrooms are to be cleaned with special attention.

Restaurant employees are to wash their hands using soap and water for twenty seconds. Any personnel that complain of symptoms including fever, cough or breathing problems are to be sent home, while personnel are instructed to sneeze into a wet wipe or by covering their mouth with their upper arm. Employees coming into contact with customers’ belongings are to wash their hands or use disinfectant hand wash immediately.