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A professor from Turkish Health Ministry’s Science Council has listed the provinces under the highest risk of coronavirus (COVID-19), as the country struggles to contain the highly contagious virus.

Prof. Mehmet Doğanay named Istanbul, the capital Ankara, the western province of İzmir, the southern province of Antalya and the eastern province of Van as the Turkish cities under highest risk.

Doğanay also said that he expects the virus to wane when the weather gets warmer.

“What we are lucky about is that we are nearing the end of March, so these two weeks are very important. The virus infects in closed spaces. The more the ratio of people in closed spaces decreases, the more the infections will decrease after the weather gets warmer,” Doğanay told Tarafsız News Agency in an interview.

Saying that life will almost return to normal towards June, Doğanay noted that it may continue to infect people starting from November.

“However, the number of cases will be significantly lower,” he said.