Duvar English 

In a memorandum that was sent to all of Turkey’s 81 provinces, the Ministry of Health has suspended non-emergency surgeries and has requested that those coming to Turkey from a number of countries for the purpose of health tourism postpone their visits.

“The coronavirus illness, which emerged in the People’s Republic of China and has been the subject of declarations in a number of countries has constituted a threat to the health of people around the world, and is being closely followed by our ministry,” read the memorandum. 

“The World Heath Organization’s (WHO) recommendations are being taken into consideration in our country and the necessary precautions are being taken. For the purpose of preventing the spread of the virus in our country, [the Ministry of Health’s] scientific board continues to meet and evaluate the situation.” 

Among the directives in the ministry’s memorandum included patients with non-emergency conditions being redirected to family health practitioners, while elective surgeries are encouraged to be postponed to more appropriate dates when possible. Dentist were also requested to postpone non-emergency procedures when possible. Patients who have just been released from intensive care units are recommended to be discharged from the hospital if they are not required to stay there in bed to receive additional treatments.