Duvar English

There will most certainly be a second wave of the novel virus sometime after September, the Ministry of Health’s Science Committee member Dr. Alpay Azap told the Habertürk news channel last week. 

“We don’t expect that it will be as high as what we experienced in April, because a sense of preparedness has been established in society, people are more conscious, institutions know how to act,” Azalp said. 

The first case of the novel coronavirus in Turkey was announced March 11, and the total number of cases in the country exceeded 157,000 as of May 25.

Alpay Azap

While the number of daily cases in Turkey dropped below the 1000 mark in recent weeks, it recently experienced an increase, crossing the four-digit threshold over the past few days before once again falling just below 1000 on May 25. 

“Has the coronavirus been finished off? The short answer is no. But it won’t be finished off anywhere in the world. We are expecting it to decrease significantly during the summer months. Due to the precautions that have been taken, but in particular due to the continuation of personal precautions, we are expecting it to decrease quite substantially,” Azalp said. 

Azalp also warned that the structure of the virus has the potential to change, which could result in quicker transmission or a difference in the manner in which it is transmitted.