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Wedding organizations will be allowed after July 11 in Turkey, Health Ministry’s COVID-19 Committee’s member Seçil Özkan said on news broadcaster CNN Türk on May 26.

“Large wedding organizations can be scheduled for the eighth week of the ‘normalization calendar,’ so July 11. Social distancing, sanitary measures and masks should be in place for these,” Özkan said.

The committee member noted that his comments are based on data, and might changed if there’s a change in the course of the pandemic.

“If all goes well and the pandemic’s growth curve takes a downward turn, organizations of 50 people will be possible four weeks after the start of the normalization process,” Özkan said.

Considering Özkan is referring to May 11 as the “start of the normalization process,” large organizations will be allowed as of June 8.

Turkey started the “normalization” process of lifting COVID-19 measures on May 11, when malls, hairdressers and small businesses re-opened after nearly two months of closures.