Duvar English

A Turkish professor has pointed to the exhaustion among doctors and said that resignations are increasing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Prof. Oya İtil, the deputy chair of Turkish Thoracic Society, said that the struggle against the virus was left completely to the individuals, adding that no planning for the pandemic was made at hospitals.

The professor also said that the rapid switch to normalization in July and August led to a sharp increase in COVID-19 patients.

“We believe that the second peak of the first wave is nearing,” İtil said, adding that the people’s risk perceptions have decreased.

“We can see that the people don’t care about wearing masks or social distancing. The first wave is not over yet,” she added.

According to İtil, a high number of doctors are either resigning or asking to be assigned to different provinces over massive workload, especially in Alanya, Batman and Manisa.

“A total of 53 health workers and 27 doctors died at this process. They leave their families behind,” she said.