HepsiJET couriers fired after refusing 1 TL price hike per package

The contracts of five delivery workers of cargo company Hepsijet have been terminated after they went on a strike in protest of the 1 TL raise per package distributed. Workers called for solidarity against the company's move.

Osman Çaklı / DUVAR 

Delivery workers of the cargo company HepsiJET, the distribution of Turkish e-commerce site Hepsiburada, have gone on a strike in the provinces of Antalya and Karaman, protesting the 1 Turkish Lira wage raise per package for the year 2022. 

The contract of five workers in Karaman who protested the company policy was terminated. 

The delivery workers of HepsiJET currently earn 3.75 TL per package. The workers say that their earnings will fall below the minimum wage with the 1 lira increase and instead demanded a fixed income per month. 

Inflation has jumped to a 19-year high of 36% in December, while independent researchers found it as 83%. The current minimum wage is 4,250 TL.

HepsiJet couriers' protest followed that of Trendyol Express workers who earlier this week secured a 38.8 percent rise in their wages as a result of a three-day strike.  

The success of the Trendyol strike has inspired delivery workers throughout Turkey, with similarly Sürat Kargo and Aras Cargo couriers demanding an increase in their pay.