Duvar English

Nearly 24,000 workers were killed in work-related accidents in the past 17 years, according to a labor watchdog, which slammed the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for not implementing enough measures to prevent these deaths.

“This is your fault. This is the result of a ‘local and national work-related murder regime.’ At least 23,847 workers were killed. Work-related murders, low wages, unemployment, bans on strikes.. What else have you done for workers?” said a tweet by The Health and Safety Labor Watch (İSİG Meclisi), while also using the hashtag “23,847 workers died in AKP years.”

The families of the workers killed in accidents released a statement on Nov. 3, urging the people to act against this “atrocity.”

The families, who meet once a month, also said that at least 1,320 workers were killed in the first nine months of this year.

“Murder, not destiny,” “Murder, not natural disaster” and “Those responsible are known, we want justice” read some of the banners carried by the families.

Work-related accidents occur daily in Turkey due to the lack of proper workplace security measures.