Duvar English

Mia Farrow, the U.S. actress who once dated Woody Allen and married Frank Sinatra, has shown solidarity with the prominent Turkish journalist Ahmet Altan, by tweeting a news article regarding his re-arrest on Nov 13.

Farrow shared The New York Times’ article “Turkey Detains a Top Journalist Again, Signaling a Continuing Crackdown” on her social media account.

“Ahmet Altan is one of the most prominent journalists to be detained in the widespread, and heavily criticized, government crackdown that followed a failed 2016 coup,” says The New York Times article published on Nov. 12.

Altan’s re-arrest has been widely criticized both in Turkey and in the international arena.

The journalist was arrested on Nov. 13, a week after he was released from prison.

He was released on Nov. 4 after serving three years in prison in a case related to a failed 2016 coup, which was followed by Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office appealing the ruling.

On Nov. 12 a higher court overruled the decision to release Altan, ordering his arrest given the gravity of the crimes and the risk of him fleeing.

He was detained by anti-terror police later on the same day, before being arrested on Nov. 13.