Duvar English

Turkey ranked 130th among 153 countries on the World Economic Forum’s ranking of 2020 Gender Inequality Index.

Turkey ranked 136th in equal opportunities, 135th in women’s participation in the work force, 106th in equal pay, 13th in access to education, 64th in health and 109th in representation in politics.

Founder and director of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab has said that this year’s index shows very little progress in eliminating gender inequality.

“At this rate, eliminating gender inequality will take 100 years,” Schwab said.

Iceland retained the title of the world’s most gender-equal society for the 11th straight year. It was followed by Norway, Finland, Sweden, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, Rwanda and Germany.

The worst-performing countries on the list are Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Yemen.