Migrants flock to Greek border on foot hours after Turkey clears crossings

Flocks of migrants have begun to move towards the Turkey-Greece border after Ankara decided to lift border crossings in anticipation of a new migration wave from Syria. This follows the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers by the Syrian regime in Idlib on Feb. 27.

Duvar English

Flocks of migrants are the Greek-Turkish border hours after Ankara declared it would no longer stop migrants from crossing over to Europe on Feb. 27.

Most groups carry their belongings, and among them are a notable number of young children and babies.

Approaching the Greek border by foot, the migrants can be seen walking in groups to the Kapıkule Border Gate in Edirne.

The groups also flocked towards the Aegean, to Cesme, Karaburun and Seferihisar in the Izmir province and Kusadasi and Dikili in the Aydin province.
Some migrants left the metropolis Istanbul for Edirne on Feb. 28 to cross the border.

After the Syrian government's attack killed 33 Turkish soldiers on Feb. 27, Ankara opened its borders to crossings into Europe in anticipation of a wave of migrants from Northern Syria.

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria in 2011, Turkey has taken in some 3.7 million Syrians who fled their country, making it the world’s first refugee-hosting country.

Some groups have already reached the Pazarkule border gate and are waiting in the buffer zone between The Turkish and the Greek border gates.