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A man who was arrested over stabbing his wife has killed his 11-year-old daughter upon being released after serving only five months in jail in the southeastern province of Antep.

Müslüm Aslan, who was released on Nov. 4, 2019 after being arrested on May 31 of the same year for stabbing Rukiye Aslan, wanted to see his children on April 16.

He then took his 11-year-old daughter Ceylan, 7-year-old son Yusuf İlker and 5-year-old son Bünyamin to his own house, where he beat Ceylan until she fell still.

Müslüm Aslan then called the police to let them know about the incident and took the two brothers to their own home.

The police took the little girl to a hospital and detained Aslan in a park, where he was attempting to escape on April 17. He was subsequently arrested on April 18.

Ceylan succumbed to her injuries at the hospital late on April 21.

Speaking about her daughter’s death, Rukiye Aslan, who filed for divorce after she was stabbed, said that she survived death after the man cut her throat with scissors.

“My husband used to beat me all the time. Last year, he beat me by cutting my throat with scissors. I took the kids and moved into my father’s house. I survived death. I filed a criminal complaint. He was arrested afterwards,” Aslan said, adding that he asked to get back together when he was released.

“I let him see the children since he is their father. I want this murderer, who has been making my and my children’s lives miserable, to receive the harshest punishment,” she added.

The incident caused uproar on social media, since the country has been experiencing a surge in the number of violence against women and femicide cases.

Critics say that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is doing little to protect women via ensuring that the perpetrators receive minimum jail terms.