Duvar English 

Turkey’s Human Rights Association (İHD) has called for the release of Eylem Oyunlu, who is currently behind bars in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır on charges of ‘assisting a terrorist organization’ with her two young children who are both suffering from serious health problems. 

Oyunlu was arrested on June 19 and jailed with her 10-day old baby, who does not even have an identity card, as well with her two-year-old daughter. The young baby is suffering from a blocked tear duct and the two-year-old has chronic bronchitis. 

“As of 2019, there at least 780 children that have been forced to live in prison with their mothers, and this affects the children’s lives in ways that are difficult or impossible to compensate for. Despite the fact that human rights activists, bar associations, civil society organizations and trade organizations continue to present solutions regarding this situation, which bothers all segments of society, those carrying the responsibility of upholding the children’s rights have remained silent and as a result the problem has worsened,” said the İHD in a statement. 

The association called for Oyunlu’s sick children to receive access to treatment and healthcare immediately, and demanded legal regulations that ensure healthy standards of living for children who are behind bars with their mothers.