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Fourteen women were killed by men, two inmates died in prison and three law enforcement officers were found dead under suspicious conditions in southeast, southern Turkey during the first six months of 2020, Human Rights Association’s (İHD) Diyarbakir branch reported.

One person was killed because they didn’t follow a “stop” order, and one person was wounded for the same reason.

One political official was killed in an attack and 20 women were reported to have committed suicide.

Fourteen women were killed by family members, and two kids reported sexual assault.

Eight districts in three different cities were claimed as “high security zones,” defined as private or public property with strategic significance.

İHD also reported that police detained 769 people, 132 of whom were later arrested. Two of the arrestees were children.

Police was reported to have raided 638 homes and businesses.

İHD Deputy Co-Director and lawyer Rehşan Bataray said that the data was “horrific,” and caused by violence-based policies.

The lawyer said that amnesty laws passed during the COVID-19 pandemic allowed convicts of domestic violence to be released, which lead them to return to their home address.

More women have been experiencing domestic violence because their assailants were released thanks to the amnesty law, Bataray said.