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A soldier performing his mandatory military service in the province of Edirne was attacked by two other soldiers after he spoke Kurdish with a colleague and voiced his opinion that there should be more Kurdish language education in Turkey.

20-year-old Doğan Çetin was heard speaking Kurdish with a fellow solider by two other soldiers, who later called him over to have a conversation.

“People from [the provinces of] Urfa, Van, and Şırnak are my brothers. We are all Kurds but we cannot understand each other. If only we were all able to have Kurdish education,” Çetin said.

The two soldiers later called upon Çetin and took him to an area near a river bed, where one of them suddenly hit Çetin in the face with a gun, breaking his nose and resulting in him having to get nine stitches. After he fell to the ground, they continued to beat him, breaking his ribs.

“10 or 15 minutes before his happened they were talking with one another. This was planned,” Çetin said.

Çetin was taken to the hospital and upon returning to the barracks, he was called a terrorist by his commander.

“You are a terrorist and a backstabber, how did they let you into the military?” the commander said, according to Çetin.

Following the attack, Çetin contacted the Presidency’s Communication Directorate (CİMER), and shortly thereafter the armed forces released a statement saying that the necessary legal procedures would be pursued against the soldiers in question.