Duvar English

An Afghan migrant named Yakup Berde said that he was captured by human traffickers upon entering Turkey through the eastern province of Van on Oct. 5 and that they threw him off the third story of a building.

While the 20-year-old suffered from broken ankles, he was reportedly held up for surgery for two days, although the Van Governor’s Office refuted the claim.

Berde said that the traffickers asked him for money, and threw him off the third story of a building during the quarrel.

“I landed on my feet, on a soft surface and that’s when my ankles were broken. The neighborhood residents alerted the police, who took me to the hospital,” the young man said.

Noting that he came to Turkey alone, Berde said his mother had a heart attack when she heard what happened to him.

The Van Governor’s Office had said that they started legal proceedings about the 16 other migrants Berde said were held by the traffickers.