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Turkey is going through perhaps one of the most difficult periods in its history in the field of journalism, as in many other fields. The current state of social polarization and the proliferation of disinformation from various sources, including both the government and the opposition, have rendered the quest for truth more challenging than ever. Even worse, the truth has been destroyed and trivialized. In an environment where everyone produces a truth according to their own interests and disseminates it using all the possibilities of technology, real journalists strive to unravel the background of what is happening in every medium they can write.

Gazete Duvar started its journey in 2016 under the state of emergency rule declared after the July 15 coup attempt. Under Gazete Duvar, Duvar English started its journey in 2020. Our publication principles quickly gained favor with readers by adopting the principles of universal journalism, without any ideological obsession, and only considering the truth and the public interest. Today, Duvar English is among the most read and well-known English language news agencies based in Turkey.

During challenging times like in the aftermath of the devastating Feb. 6 earthquakes or in the run-up to the general and presidential elections, we became one of the leading information sources for Turkey-related news for the international audience.

The sole purpose of the employees who continue their journalism activities under the roof of Duvar English is to publish qualified reports. Our aim is to offer this service free of charge to anyone trying to understand the truth, regardless of their income level. The increase in the costs due to the current economic turmoil creates obstacles to our ability to continue publishing in this way.

Turkey is once again going through very critical times. Duvar English wants to do more journalism in the current political environment that has turned into chaos, even in spite of the economic crisis.

In short, we want everyone to be able to access this content for free and learn the truth.

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