ILO reports more than 658,000 workers lost their jobs in Turkey’s quake-zone

International Labour Organization (ILO) has stated that the major quakes of Feb. 6 have left 658,000 people unemployed in southeastern Turkey. The report indicated that 150,000 workplaces are unusable and the average income of a worker decreased by more than 230 US dollars per month.

Duvar English

International Labour Organization’s (ILO) report has revealed that 658,000 workers lost their jobs and 150,000 workplaces are unusable after the major earthquakes that hit southeastern Turkey in February. 

The ILO has said that employees impacted by the quakes will experience an average decline in their income of over 230 US dollars per month as long as the situation persists. The organization has calculated that as a result of this crisis, labor income in the affected regions has dropped by approximately 150 million dollars per month.

The report stated that the provinces in Turkey that have been impacted by the quakes are home to over four million workers, with the majority working in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, trade, or other low-value-added services.

ILO also reported that there are concerns about heightened hazards to workplace safety and health, as well as an elevated risk of child labor.