Interior Minister Soylu’s bodyguards seize journalist's phone and ID over question on ‘coup’ remarks

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu's bodyguards took journalist Filiz Gazi's ID card and phone and tried to delete the videos on it after she asked the minister about his remarks deeming the May 14 election the "West’s coup attempt."

Duvar English

Journalist Filiz Gazi on April 28 tried to ask Süleyman Soylu a question with regards to his remarks deeming the May 14 election the "West’s coup attempt," as the minister was on his way out of a mosque. However, the journalist was prevented by his bodyguards who seized her ID and phone. 

Gerçek Gündem journalist Gazi recalled what happened as follows: "Soylu responded (to the question), 'I'm talking about America. Do you know America? Do you know what they did to Afghanistan?'”

When Gazi asked Soylu, "Can you explain so that those who don't know can learn?" the minister grew frustrated and only said, “May your Friday be blessed."

Gezi further recalled the incident as follows: “Within seconds, bodyguards and police officers surrounded me. My ID cards were photographed. The policemen took my phone from me and tried to delete my videos. But the videos he thought he deleted were still on my phone. I took my phone and left the area."

On April 27, during a visit to an Islamic foundation, Soylu referred to the upcoming elections as the “West’s political coup attempt.”

He made the same remarks in a tweet a day later, by writing: "July 15 was a de facto coup attempt. May 14, 2023 is the political coup attempt that can be initiated by bringing together each of the preparations to purge Turkey.”