Investigation into trustee-run Mardin municipality reveals extent of corruption in tender processes

An inquiry into the trustee-run Mardin municipality has revealed that the public loss had amounted to over 2 million liras with just one of the corruption cases concerning a tender. Zeyni Teker, dubbed former trustee Mustafa Yaman's “number one man” as well as Yaman's nephew are behind the tender rigging, according to a report prepared by inspectors.

This file photo shows Kamor National Park in Mardin, whose operating license was given in a corrupt tender process in 2019.

Duvar English

An investigation into the trustee-run Mardin municipality in Turkey's southeast has revealed the extent of corruption in tender processes, with the trustee's nephew being one of the key names behind the recently surfaced corruption scandal.

A report prepared by inspectors looked at the tender process which gave the winner Kamor National Park's operating license. The report said that the tender was awarded to “Nasıroğlu” firm due to the intervention of trustee Mustafa Yaman's nephew Yunus Emre Akça and Zeyni Teker, “dubbed the trustee's number one man.”

“Yunus Emre Akça has pressured the tender commission for the tender to be awarded to Nasıroğlu firm,” said the report penned by inspectors, Mezopotamya news agency reported on Dec. 22.

Several concessions have made to this firm once it held the right to operate the park, according to the report. A rental market analysis has revealed that the municipality should have received an annual rent of 385,000 liras for the park's operation, whereas the agreed rent was a mere 90,000 liras, the report said. On top of that, the firm only paid 19,350 liras of the agreed amount, the inspectors noted.

The original agreement that was signed between the municipality and firm had included a provision that required the latter to buy 1.9 million liras of worth supplies for the purpose of running services in the park, but later, this provision was removed from the agreement.

Teker, who was arrested on corruption charges in November, claimed in his testimony that he was not aware of the relevant tender process and that he undertook all his duties under the instructions of trustee Yaman.

The central government appointed Mardin Gov. Yaman as a trustee of the municipality in 2019 after removing the elected mayor from his post.

Following several reports of corruption, Yaman was sidelined with a presidential decree, and a new governor was appointed in his place in June. Mahmut Demirtaş, the new governor, also took on the position of “trustee” of the municipality.