Islamist mob attacks dance meeting in Diyarbakır, injures two

A 50-person Islamist mob has attacked and injured members of a swing dance school as they were holding a show at a public park in southeastern Turkey’s Diyarbakır province. 

Duvar English

A radical Islamist mob on June 9 attacked a dance troupe, injuring two, in southeastern Turkey’s Diyarbakır province. The attack occurred at Tema Park where the “Swing Amed” dance school was holding a meet.  

Shortly after the performance began, a group of about 50 people entered the park, shouting religious slogans, and confronted the attendees. When the group demanded that the event be halted and participants leave the park. The confrontation turned physical as the dancers refused to comply, according to reporting by the local online news outlet

Several attendees were injured in the altercation. Emergency medical services and police were dispatched to the scene after the incident was reported. Two of the injured were taken to the hospital by ambulance, and event attendees filed complaints against the attackers.

Diyarbakır’s deputy from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Equality and Democracy (DEM) Party Adalet Kaya condemned the attack.

Sharing footage of the incident on social media, Kaya stated, “We condemn the attack and express our support for Swing Amed. We understand the historical context and the motives behind the reactionary, fascist groups who cannot tolerate the diversity, youth, and women of this city. To those who dream of establishing 'Hezbollah' politics here, know your place! Stay away from the children, streets, and parks of this community."

Swing Amed stated that they filed a criminal complaint against the assailants and the Diyarbakır Bar Association would follow the proceedings.

"We believe that public spaces are open to all groups, initiatives, artists, and persons of a province, under the protection of all lifestyles, identities, cultural diversity, and freedom of expression," wrote the group on their social media account, and condemned the attack upon their "the right to life and lifestyle."