Israeli organized crime member wanted with red notice caught in Istanbul

Sought by Israeli judicial authorities and Interpol with a red notice on charges of being an organized crime group member, Omre Oda has been caught in an operation in Istanbul.

Duvar English

The Istanbul Police and Intelligence Branch Directorate determined that 31-year-old Israeli-born Omre Oda, who was searched by Israeli security forces and Interpol with a red notice, was hiding in Istanbul.

The police carried out an operation at the address of the suspect in Istanbul’s Şişli district and detained him, the daily Cumhuriyet reported on March 16.

The suspect has been reported to be involved in murder, attempted murder, money laundering, prohibition of disposing of property, blackmail by using force, blackmail by threat, conspiracy to commit a crime, contravention of firearms law, kidnapping for murder or blackmail, and destroying property with explosives and fraud in Israel between 2017-2019.

Upon the completion of his procedures at the police station, Oda has been referred to a courthouse which ruled for his arrest.