Istanbul cargo company drops, ruins spleen en route to pathology lab

An Istanbul shipping company destroyed a man's spleen en route to the pathology lab. The company reportedly carried the organ in a normal cardboard shipping box, then destroyed it when the box was dropped, patient Ahmet Kıral said.

Duvar English

The spleen of a man named Ahmet Kıral was ruined during transport to a pathology lab in Istanbul when the shipping company dropped the organ, resulting in its destruction, as it was placed in a regular cargo box.

Kıral checked in to the hospital with a stomach ache about four months ago, where he had an operation for an enlarged spleen and was told that he would get the results of a pathology test within 15 days.

When he never heard back from his doctors, Kıral visited the hospital 15 days after his operation and was told that his spleen had never arrived at the lab.

"One morning they called and told me the spleen was lost. The cardboard box that the spleen was in exploded while the shipping company was moving it," Kıral said, adding that he saw pictures of the accident. 

The shipping company transported Kıral's spleen like a regular cargo shipment, he said, noting that they simply used a regular cardboard box: "Where is my spleen?" Kıral asked

The patient filed for financial and emotional damages, he said, noting that his initial discomfort remains undiagnosed because of the shipping company's failure to deliver his spleen.