Istanbul’s Koç University dean angrily confronts student in argument

A video showing a Koç University dean confronting students complaining about various issues and angrily walking up to one is widely shared on social media.

Duvar English

The dean of Istanbul’s Koç University, Baha Yiğit Sayın, has angrily confronted a student on campus as he was surrounded by other students demanding female and male students should not sit separately in refectories.  

A video that was widely shared on Twitter shows Sayın first listening to the students and their demands and later walking up to a student, Erkin Başar, angrily, saying, “What the hell are you saying?”

The students of Koç University were complaining about plans for a gender-segregated cafeteria, the installation of cameras at dorms, a mixed-gender dorm being made a girls-only one and other issues, including expensive meals and events banned on campus.