La Casa de Papel star 'Berlin' visits Istanbul for book launch campaign

Pedro Alonso, known worldwide for his character Berlin in La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), on Oct. 12 came to Istanbul to promote his new book “Book of Philippus.”

Duvar English

Spanish actor Pedro Alonso, popularly known for playing Berlin in Netflix show La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) on Oct. 12 came to Istanbul as part of a campaign to promote his new book “Book of Philippus.”

The book has been translated into Turkish and will be soon published by the Epsilon Publishing Group.

The famous actor, who was captured on cameras at the Istanbul Airport, did not answer reporters' questions.

Between Oct. 14-17, he will partake in a series of events promoting his book.

In the book, which is part autobiography and part maiden voyage, Alonso recounts his regression to another life and another body.

From a regression to a past life, Alonso is reincarnated in Philippus, a Roman warrior in the days of the Empire in the book. The encounter with Yilak, leader of a rebel group, will change his way of seeing and relating to the world.