Macron says tensions with Turkey have eased

French President Macron said on June 25 that tensions between the European Union and Turkey have eased in recent weeks, but the bloc will "continue to be vigilant throughout the summer."

French President Macron is seen addressing a conference in this photo.

Reuters - Duvar English 

Tensions with Turkey have eased over the last few weeks but European countries will remain cautious, French President Emmanuel Macron said on June 25. 

"Tensions have eased in recent weeks," Macron told a news conference when speaking about Turkey.

"We will continue to be vigilant throughout the summer but also to re-engage in joint work," he added.

Macron's statement came a day after the European Commission announced a number of conclusions on Turkey following the first day of an EU Leaders’ Summit in Brussels, Belgium.

The Commission said that the EU was willing to engage in “a phased, proportionate and reversible” enhancement of relations with Ankara, such as the modernization of a joint customs union.

EU leaders also urged the Commission “to put forward without delay formal proposals for the continuation of financing for Syrian refugees” living a Turkey -- in a clear sign of protest at the pace with which the Commission has been handling this issue.

The text also addressed the "rule of law and fundamental rights in Turkey," saying they remain a key concern. "The targeting of political parties, human rights defenders and media represents major setbacks for human rights and runs counter to Turkey’s obligations to respect democracy, the rule of law and women’s rights. Dialogue on such issues remains an integral part of the EU-Turkey relationship," it said. 

“In line with the shared interests of the EU and Turkey in regional peace and stability, the European Council expects Turkey and all actors to contribute positively to the resolution of regional crises."

“The European Council will remain seized of the matter,” it concluded.