Duvar English 

A lawsuit filed against prominent investigative journalist Çiğdem Toker from the daily Sözcü newspaper has been dropped, due to the fact that the plaintiff did not appear in court, according to news reports on Oct. 17.   

The Şenbay Mining company was seeking 1.5 million TL in damages from Toker due to an article she wrote while employed at the Cumhuriyet daily, in which she claimed that the company was essentially handed a contract to help build a metro route to Istanbul’s new airport without having to compete in a tender. The trial was in its fourth hearing when the case was thrown out as a representative of the plaintiff failed to appear. 

The company had alleged that Toker had damaged their reputation with her 2017 article. The award-winning Toker, known as one of the country’s most prestigious investigative journalists, has faced numerous lawsuits due to her journalism.