Duvar English 

An official from the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), Turkey’s broadcast authority, has said that amendments will be made regarding the content that is considered admissible in ice cream adds, which he said “exceeded moral boundaries,” according to news reports on Monday.   

“There are some problematic issues regarding the content in fizzy drinks and ice cream commercials. In particular, in ice cream commercials there are some problems that exceed general moral boundaries,” said RTÜK’s Murat Ellialtı. 

While making a presentation at a parliamentary commission, Ellialtı criticized certain local food programs and commercials for then content, the likely implication being that the advertisements hint at sexual innuendo. 

Ellialtı said that RTÜK would be meeting with advertisers’ associations in order to amend the regulations regarding the content of the types of commercials in question. 

Meanwhile, Faruk Bildirici, an opposition board member of RTÜK, was removed from his post last month after criticizing the broadcast watchdog for effectively allowing foundations close to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) government to broadcast promotional material on radio and television channels free of charge. 

Bildirici had criticized an amendment regarding the labeling of public service announcements: 

“Without changing the format, content or legal statutes regarding public service announcements and mandatory broadcasts, only the label is being changed. By doing this, the aim is to increase viewership of government propaganda and ministerial promotional material that is broadcasted for free,” Bildirici said.