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After criticizing Islamist writer and Yalova University lecturer Ebubekir Sifil for defending polygamy, the Youtube news channel Babiali TV has been temporarily prevented from broadcasting after copyright complaints from Sifil and another prominent Islamist.  

On January 6 during Mustafa Hoş’ ‘Durum’ (Situation) program, Hoş played a video of Sifil’s comments and criticied them. Shortly afterward Sifil and controversial Islamist Nurettin Yıldız, who is notorious for defending child marriage, filed copyright complaints against the channel, which resulted in a 90-day broadcast ban handed down by Youtube. 

Ebubekir Sifil

Sifil had previously stated that men have the right to have multiple wives in different provinces: 

“There’s a guy, and due to his work he travels a lot. He goes between Istanbul, Ankara, Adana and Bursa, that’s his work. This guy has a house in Istanbul, and a house in Ankara. In the places he goes there are women that he has married. When he leaves, they stay. Each one of them is his legitimate wife,” Sifil said.