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While numerous TV productions are being cancelled around the world amid coronavirus outbreak, the head of Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), Ebubekir Şahin, has encouraged Turkish TV shows and series to continue shooting their episodes.

Şahin thanked the staff of locally-made TV productions for making “sacrifices for citizens.”

“As the RTÜK president, I thank producers, scriptwriters, actors, [TV] presenters, [TV] commentators and all of our friends working both in front of the scenes and behind the scenes, who are continuing their works by making sacrifices for our citizens,” Şahin tweeted on March 19.

Şahin said that TV shows and series were helping people to cope with the current situation of self-isolation.

“Our TVs are also an important tool of entertainment. The locally-made TV productions and series, which were already in demand, continue to accompany you as your address of relaxation amid the intense agenda,” he wrote.

Şahin’s comments come amid the cancellation and postponements of several TV shows and series around the world amid the coronavirus epidemic.