Medyascope journalist battered by AKP councillors

Medyascope journalist Ali Macit has been battered by AKP councillors at the Istanbul Municipality building.

Duvar English

Istanbul Municipal Council (İBB)'s members from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on May 30 battered Medyascope journalist Ali Macit, according to reporting by Anka news agency. 

A fight broke out between AKP councillors and municipal employees at the İBB building due to an unknown reason. Journalist Macit wanted to record this fight but was battered and prevented by AKP councillors.

Anka news agency recorded the moment several people attacked Macit. It was thanks to the intervention of İBB security personnel that the journalist was taken to a safe area.

Macit was later examined by İBB health teams and dispatched to the hospital. The journalist said that he was battered for wanting to record the fight and will file a criminal complaint after getting a battery report.