MHP municipality to spend 45 million liras to build vase-shaped tower in western Turkey

The Kütahya Municipality, run by the government-ally Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), is preparing to build a tower in the shape of a vase in the city center and will spend a total of 45 million liras on the controversial project.

Duvar English

The Kütahya Municipality, run by the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), will spend a total of 45 million Turkish Liras for a 70-meter-long tower that it plans to build in the center of the city.

The tower will be in the shape of a vase, daily Birgün reported on April 18.

The municipality on March 17 filed an application with the Environment Ministry to receive an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report for the project. On April 12, the ministry announced that an EIA report would not be needed for such a project.

In its application, the municipality said that the cost of the project will amount to 45 million liras and it will be built on a land of 13,136 square meters. The tower will serve as a touristic observation terrace and a recreational facility. The municipality argued that the tower will be a “center of attraction” and will even draw people from other cities.

The municipality has already spent 620,500 liras for the controversial project in 2020 and 2021, although no work with regards to its construction has been yet undertaken.