Midnight music ban lifted only in Antalya province

Antalya Provincial Public Health Board has lifted the ban on music past midnight which was introduced as part of the COVID-19-related measures, becoming the only province in Turkey to lift the ban. Since its introduction, the ban has been regarded as “ideological” rather than as a COVID-19-related precaution.

Duvar English

Antalya Provincial Public Health Board on June 16 lifted the ban on music broadcast after midnight. 

As part of coronavirus restrictions, Turkey had imposed a ban on music, live or broadcast, after midnight in July 2021. The announcement had been made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who had said at the time: “Take no offense but no one has the right to disturb others at night.”

Since its introduction, the rule was widely interpreted as the government's further grip on people's lives. The ban has also been affecting musicians grappling with financial struggles.

In May 2022, the Interior Ministry pushed the ban by a mere hour, saying that it would start at 1 a.m. instead of 12 a.m.

Antalya has become the only province to lift the related ban with the Public Health Board's decision.

Antalya province is Turkey's one of the top summer tourism destinations, attracting especially Russian tourists.