Motor couriers protest injury of colleague in front of Istanbul court

Motor couriers on Dec. 2 organized a protest in front of the Istanbul courthouse after a person who hit and injured a colleague was released. The couriers made a press statement and demanded job safety.

Duvar English

Motor couriers on Nov. 2 convened in front of Istanbul Courthouse to protest the release of the driver who hit and heavily injured another motor courier the previous day. 

The couriers made a press statement in front of the courthouse and demanded awareness and protection against their occupational hazards. 

On Nov. 1, a vehicle hit a motor courier in Istanbul’s Fatih district, and heavily injured the driver. 

The police released the car driver on the spot, according to motorcycle foundations, who organized to protest the incident. 

Couriers and motorcyclists carried the photograph of their injured colleague and placards that read, “We do not only carry packets, we also carry lives.”

Lawyer Iyaz Çimen spoke on behalf of the group and said the couriers could not get answers from any official about the dire incident. “We cannot even learn the name of the driver who injured our friend. Couriers work hard for the public, yet they are left in the dark,” added Çimen. 

A fellow motor courier described the incident as “a murder attempt, not an accident.” 

He repeated the group’s call to detain the car driver and begin due process. 

Head of the motor courier foundations Yasin Kölge said that the foundation would be closely following the incident and keep demanding action. 

The booming courier services in Turkey created the precarious workforce of motor couriers. 

At least 54 couriers lost their lives on duty as of Nov. 21 and more than half of them were in their 20s, according to Courier Rights Association data. 

At least 58 couriers died due to speed pressure, mobbing, long working hours, and attacks in 2022 alone, according to The Workers' Health and Work Safety Assembly (İSİG).