Multiple detained in protests calling on Erdoğan gov't to resign

Several citizens have been detained across Istanbul for holding demonstrations in protest of Erdoğan's government amid the lira's historic crash. Citizens held banners reading “We can't make ends meet” and “Resign the government.”

Duvar English 

Several people who took to the streets calling on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's government to resign faced police resistance and were detained on Nov. 24.

Protests were held in Istanbul's districts of Kadıköy, Şişli, Bakırköy, Avcılar and Beylikdüzü for a second day in a row, in the face of the lira's historic crash and soaring prices.

Citizens held banners reading “We can't make ends meet” and “Resign the government.”

On Kadıköy's Bahariye Street, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) MP Musa Piroğlu got in front of a riot police vehicle, in protest of the police violence and detentions. “Stop the police terror,” Piroğlu said. Shortly afterwards, the anti-riot water cannon vehicle known as TOMA left the scene.

The police attacked protestors who shouted slogans of “Police, get out, these streets are ours” and detained them. They have also attacked journalists for attempting to record the detentions.

Locals supported the protests by banging pots and pans, while the police blocked three main roads in the Kadıköy center.

The Istanbul branch of the Progressive Lawyers' Association (Çağdaş Hukukçular Derneği - ÇHD) said on Twitter that 55 people had been detained alone in the protests in Kadıköy. It also said that at least eight other protestors have been detained in Şişli. 

In Avcılar and Bakırköy, the police told the protestors that the local governor's offices had banned the demonstrations in the districts for a period of one month.

Protestors gathered in Avcılar upon the call of the Labor and Democracy Platform. They have reacted against the ban on the demonstrations, vowing to stay at the Avcılar Square until they were allowed to proceed with their protest. 

In Beylikdüzü on the other hand, at least 10 people have been reportedly detained.