New CHP leader Özel forms 'shadow cabinet' within party

Turkish main opposition CHP’s new leader Özgür Özel has elected new members of the Central Executive Board (MYK) and formed a “shadow cabinet” within the party “to monitor the work and deficiencies of the government’s ministries.”

New CHP leader Özgür Özel, Party Assembly and High Disciplinary Board members visited Atatürk's mausoleum, known as Anıtkabir, in the capital Ankara on Nov. 11 (CHP)

Duvar English

Turkish main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) new leader Özgür Özel on Nov. 11 formed a “shadow cabinet” within the party and elected 24 members of the Central Executive Board (MYK).

18 of the MYK members were elected as “shadow cabinet ministers” whereas the others were named as deputy chairs.

The new members becoming younger than the previous leader Kılıçdaroğu’s board drew attention. Half of the "shadow cabinet" members are women.

Selin Sayek Böke became the Secretary General as she was before the May elections.

Özel said that their goal is returning the “strong general secretariat” system with the change in the party statute, and that Böke would be the “de facto strengthened general secretary” until the amendment to the statute.

He also said that they will keep every promise they made at the congress and work with the belief of making CHP the government.

Özel listed the names in the “shadow cabinet” as follows:

  • Vice Presidency- Selin Sayek Böke
  • Interior Ministry – Murat Bakan
  • Justice Ministry – Gökçe Gökçen
  • Health Ministry – Zeliha Şahbaz
  • Family and Social Services Ministry - Aylin Nazlıaka
  • Education Ministry - Suat Özçağdaş
  • Energy Ministry - Deniz Yavuzyılmaz
  • Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Ministry - Gülşah Deniz
  • Labor and Social Security Ministry - Gamze Taşçıer
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry - İlhan Uzgel
  • Youth and Sports Ministry - Sevgi Kılıç
  • Treasury and Finance Ministry - Yalçın Karatepe
  • Culture and Tourism Ministry - Koza Yardımcı
  • Defense Ministry- Yankı Bağcıoğlu
  • Industry and Technology Ministry - Pınar Uzun
  • Trade Ministry - Volkan Demir
  • Transportation Ministry - Ulaş Karasu
  • Agriculture Ministry - Erhan Adem

49-year-old Özgür Özel was elected as the new CHP leader on Nov. 5, ending Kmeal Kılıçdaroğlu's 13-year rule as party leader.