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Retired Turkish Ambassador Namık Tan analyzed the response of the United States and other Western governments in trying to tackle with coronavirus outbreak in a piece he wrote for yetkinreport. Ambassador Tan argued that in contrast to China, the U.S. has been very transparently ineffective in managing the crisis.

“The world took note of the clumsiness of President Trump, his administration’s refusal or inability to take cautionary measures and the stories of high-level politicians making financial gains. While President Trump turned a deaf ear to urgent policy advice by career bureaucrats, he chose to sneer at the media and the public demanding more transparency,” Tan wrote.

According to Tan the presidency isn’t the only American institution which will be remembered for its failures and mistakes during this COVID-19 crisis, members of the Congress also failed the challenge. Tan reminded of the reports of a number of senators selling off their stock holdings by using privileged information that is available to them.

“The only conclusion we must draw is that, after defeating the pandemic, it has become imperative to ensure that the global geopolitical order is lead by democratic and pluralistic regimes who operate within the rule of law and respect fundamental freedoms and universal values,” he said.

Namık Tan’s piece in full can be reached here.