Paris assailant says he targeted Kurds on purpose

The assailant who killed three Kurds at Ahmet Kaya Cultural Center in Paris has said that he had targeted the Kurdish community on purpose.  

Duvar English

The gunman who attacked Ahmet Kaya Cultural Center in Paris has confessed that he targeted Kurds on purpose in a hate crime, Deutsche Welle Turkish reported, basing its report on broadcaster France Info.

The assailant’s 90-year-old father said that his son had not said anything when he left home on the day of the attack and named his son as a “lunatic.”

The 69-year-old gunman on Dec. 23 killed three people, who were all Kurdish, at Ahmet Kaya Kurdish Cultural Center on Rue d'Enghien.

Afterwards, French President Emmanuel Macron said France's Kurdish community had been the target of a heinous attack. French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the suspected assailant had clearly wanted to target foreigners.