Phase 3 clinical trial in Turkey for Sinovac's vaccine shows 83.5 percent efficacy: Lancet study

The Lancet journal released the interim results of Phase 3 clinical trial of the CoronaVac vaccine in Turkey, saying two doses of the vaccine offer 83.5 percent protection against symptomatic patients.

Duvar English

The international peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet released results from the Sinovac trial conducted in Turkey, reporting that the study showed two doses of the CoronaVac COVID-19 vaccine provided 83.5 percent protection from coronavirus. 

"Interim analysis from phase 3 trial suggests efficacy of 2 doses of #CoronaVac is 83.5% against symptomatic #COVID19," tweeted The Lancet on July 8. 

More research is required to find out about the treatment's efficacy in the long run and the emerging mutations of the coronavirus, the journal said. 

None of the 10,000 participants of the trial suffered from serious side effects or death, the journal said, adding that a more diverse group of participants should be tested in order to gather more data.

The majority of the side effects reported were fatigue, muscle pains in the area of vaccination, while only one recipient of the vaccine needed to drop out of the trial because of an allergic reaction.

Nine symptomatic COVID-19 cases were detected among participants after they received the second dose of the Sinovac shot, the journal reported. 

The treatment produced antibodies in 90 percent of participants, although older participants were noted to have a lower volume of the antibodies.