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One time member of parliament from AKP, Cuma İçten explained his decision to resign from party: “Dear friends of heart, together we are beginning a new process. We are entering a process of rebellion. This will be a time where we will, together with our people and superiority of justice, see good days against those who thrive on ignorance, cutting secret deals, fear, prohibition, pressure, fury, injustice, corruption, poverty. In our political journey since 1993 we have proudly served our sacred nation in; National Youth Foundation, Welfare Party (RP) Youth Branches, Justice and Development Party (AKP) İstanbul/Eminönü district organization, Fatih Municipality council member and party office vice president, Member of Parliament from Diyarbakır, member of Parliament Domestic Affairs and Defense Industry commissions and AKP headquarters Political and Legal affairs vice president.”

Talking about moving to AKP, İçten continued: “We objected to wrongdoings within Virtue Party (FP) and got involved in the innovative movement under leadership of Mr. President. We left our leader and teacher, late Necmettin Erbakan, and founded AKP on basis of valuable ideas like “Justice” and “Development”. On this journey to make sure our sacred nation reaches its deserved level of prosperity rather than create personal gains, some people called us traitors. Those who objected to Necmettin Erbakan and led the way for a rebellion then, are facing a group who are rebelling against them for the same reasons now. Such that, anything said to rebels who want justice and conscience today, is actually said to everyone who did the same thing in the past.”

“Although AKP made improvements and innovations in health, defense and social state after coming to power, it has seriously damaged justice, economy, cultural values, education, municipal work, counter terrorism, competence and these damages have become chronic. Since founding the party, our first objection to existing system was about justice. And today, painfully, our primary objection to system is still about justice. Not only justice institutions have not improved a bit, system has become a flip-flop board, rule of law is postponed, human rights and freedoms have seriously declined. It’s as if old Turkey still exists. Democratic demands, human rights and freedoms, ethnic and religious liberties, any problems not secured by the constitution have been ignored. Tens of thousands of citizens who were victims of guilty as charged FETÖ member terrorist prosecutors and judges, are still mistreated.

İçten also criticized the Presidential system: “Office of President engaged in an election campaign during municipal elections and devalued the office. Legislative, executive and judicial independence have been trampled. President and parliament have appointed members of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court, thus preventing checks and balances, like before. Statutory decrees by the Presidency have bypassed the parliament, rendering parliament useless. Sensitivity of ministers regarding social issues has weakened and presidential consultants have become more effective than ministers. Top level consultants, members of parliament and ministers have broadcast bans on personal issues and illegal activities (which are not related to state nor social security), thus hiding themselves from public conscience and any discussion. Bending the law for personal gain has become the dominant approach. March 31st elections were cancelled and will of people was ignored, Supreme Committee of Elections (YSK) articles and rule of law were trampled. A certain class was created – all first degree relatives of ministers or ex-ministers have benefited and are still benefiting from all state resources. A president with a political identity have caused belonging problems for opposing citizens and Mr. President has devalued his office by running a campaign during municipal elections.”

To finish his speech, İçten said: “We love our state, our nation, just like millions of people who live in this country. We are with the right, just and true. We will be against whoever causes injustice. We know it is a big burden to defend rights, rebel against tyranny and be voice of the oppressed. We say we are here. Within this context I invite everyone who wants to be a part this mission we undertake with a new stand. My respects.”