Nergis Demirkaya/DUVAR

After a visit by Islamist opposition Felicity Party (SP) President Temel Karamollaoğlu, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that his time with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) ended completely after he was formally dismissed from the party in September. Saying that he was working on founding a new party that would appeal to “all segments of society,” Davutoğlu announced that they would soon share the results of “intensive talks” concerning the vision for the new party.

According to sources, the new party’s charter and program are almost finalized. The group is reportedly working on developing a “dynamic” new philosophy for the party. A politician involved with the new party who did not want to be identified said, “We will try new methods. There are 20 million young people. The youth are especially important. We care about a new effort that will appeal to them and involve them. This is very important for the hope, excitement and objectives we want to create.”

“Our ideology will be focused on justice,” he added. “Our politics will be justice-oriented in every aspect,” he said, noting that the founding members of the new party are almost finalized.

Sources in Ankara also comment that the military operation in Syria could have an effect the process of founding new parties, and could even delay them. Davutoğlu’s team is critical of a connection between the operation and domestic politics, though, saying their calendar will not change:

“If this [current military operation in Syria] is being used as a tool within domestic politics, the nation will see this. No one should try to gain political profit from national issues. We have determined our process and we are on our way. There is no change in our planning,” Davutoğlu said. “Although it is difficult to state specific dates in times like these, we are working to officially start the party in November. We are still working on the program, charter, founding members committee, party name and logo. After it’s founded, local party organizations will be created and we will hold a party congress.”

Davutoğlu is expected to hold a meeting on Oct. 18 in the Aegean town of Manisa, where, according to a source knowledgeable about the event, he will present a road map for the party and give his thoughts on Turkey and the future.

“Davutoğlu used to criticize from the inside because he was a party member. His first party meeting after discharge and resignation will be in Manisa. That is why it’s important,” said the source. Davutoğlu resigned from the AKP on Sept. 13.

When he was prime minister, Davutoğlu gave a speech in Manisa in which he praised the “seventeen princes and seven Ottoman sultans” that were raised in the city. “In every aspect, Manisa is the city where our state has blossomed,” he said at the time. One of the members of the new party, recalling that Davutoğlu called Manisa “the city of saplings,” said he thinks that’s why the meeting will be held in the town. “I think Davutoğlu will plant a new sapling in our sapling city.”