MHP deputy calls for opening ‘integration courses’ for citizenship

MHP deputy Tamer Osmanoğlu has submitted a law proposal to the parliament, demanding that the government open "integration courses" for foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens. Only those who successfully complete these courses should be eligible for citizenship, according to the law proposal.

Duvar English

A deputy from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has submitted a law proposal, calling on Turkey to open “integration courses” for foreigners who want to become Turkish citizens, daily Sözcü reported on Nov. 18.

If the proposal passes the parliament, those who fail at this course and do not have a basic knowledge of the Turkish language and Turkish law will not be able to obtain naturalization.

MHP deputy Tamer Osmanoğlu drew attention to the increase in the mass migration activities to justify his proposal. "Unfortunately, the political developments in our geography have caused millions of people to leave their places and our country has become the center of hope for the oppressed people” Osmanağaoğlu said, referring to the Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Osmanoğlu proposed that the relevant “integration courses” should be given by the Education Ministry and should teach Turkish-language skills and equip its participants with basic knowledge of Turkish law and Turkish culture.

There is a similar practice in Germany. Since 2008, it is compulsory to take a naturalization test if one wants to become a German citizen. The test consists of 33 questions in B1 level German and one has to get 17 questions correct in order to pass. The questions are divided up into three broad categories: "Life in a Democracy," "History and Responsibility" and "People and Society." There are also a number of questions pertaining to specific German states.