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Good Party (İYİ) leader Meral Akşener said she didn’t know whether or when early elections would be held as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make such a decision.

“Mr. Tayyip will decide on the election. In the past, Parliaments decided on elections, that’s n longer the case today. We could be casting ballots with one executive order,” Akşener said.

Akşener also noted that she wasn’t aware of Good Party member Lütfü Türkkan’s tweet from Jan. 19 asking “How’s Sunday June 28 for an election date?” She said that the tweet merely presented Türkkan’s personal views.

The Good Party leader added that the presidency system “didn’t stick” in Turkey and that “in order to breathe,” the country needs the parliamentary system.

Akşener is on a tour of the country until the end of July, she said from the Mediterranean city of Antalya, adding that she will make stops in major cities like İzmir and Adana.