Duvar English

Only 30.7 percent of Turks approve of Turkish military’s presence in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib, according to a survey conducted by pollster Metropoll in February.

Asked if the presence of Turkish military in Idlib is a “necessity,” 30.7 percent of the survey participants said “Yes,” while 48.8 percent said “No” and 20.5 percent chose the option of “I do not have an opinion/No answer.”

The pollster said this research was conducted between Feb. 15-21, nearly a week before an airstrike in Idlib which killed at least 34 Turkish soldiers. In the aftermath of the attack, Turkey launched its Idlib operation code-named “Operation Spring Shield,” marking its fourth military operation in Syria.

Erdoğan’s approval rating realizes at 41.1 percent

The survey also asked participants if they approve of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s way of doing his job. Some 41.1 percent said they approved of the president, while 51.17 percent said they disapprove of him. The rest of the participants left the question unanswered.

According to the research, Erdoğan received the highest support during his reign as president during the failed coup attempt of July 15, 2016 (with 67.6 percent approval rating) and the lowest support during the June 7, 2015 general elections (with 37.5 percent approval rating).

70.5 percent of Turks think Syrian refugees have damaged Turkish economy

The participants were also asked about Syrian refugees in Turkey. Some 70.5 percent of the participants think that Syrians have damaged the Turkish economy; some 60 percent think that they will not return home after the war, and 76.6 percent think that they should not be granted citizenship.

57 percent of Turks have more more expenses than income

The survey also asked the participants about their monthly budget and the answers showed the imbalance in income-expenditure balance.

Some 57 percent answered “I have more expenses than income,” meaning they live by borrowing. Only 14.8 percent of the participants said “I have more income than expenses,” while 23.0 percent said “My income and expenses are equal” and 5.2 percent left the question unanswered.