Main opposition CHP says ministry's workplace survey to serve as 'blacklist' of those critical of gov't

A deputy of the main opposition CHP has said that a recent survey prepared by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry which asks civil servants to assess each other's performances aims to identify the names of personnel to be “blacklisted,” probably for their critical stance against the government.

Duvar English

Main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) has slammed the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry's recent move to have civil servants assess each other's performances, saying this is a practice of the authorities to identify the names of personnel to be "blacklisted."

“We are slamming an understanding which is looking for a 'whistle-blower,' which is trying to set employees against each other, as is being tried for society. Are the methods that have been previously used the FETÖ [Fethullahist Gülenist Terrorist Organization] coming to life again?” CHP deputy Ayhan Barut said on April 27, using another acronym for the Gülen network.

Many reports had previously suggested that Gülen network-affiliated government personnel used to favor and promote each other, as a result of they assumed the power in key positions. As the Gülenists amassed more and more power in state institutions, complaints started piling up starting in 2000s that non-Gülenists were removed from positions by unsigned letters of complaint or investigations.

Barut said that the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry's recent move reminds him of the Gülen network's "method." The ministry sent each of its personnel a survey containing the names of their colleagues and asked them to return it to the human resources department by April 26. If the civil servants refuse to fill the relevant survey, they might face an internal investigation for “failure to obey assignment.”

“Itis questionable what is aimed with this survey, how the results willbe assessed and how objective such a survey can be. It isquestionable which of the critieria a personnel will consider whileassesing other personnel. We are slamming those who are blacklistingand discriminating employees,” Barut said.

The CHP deputy also said that such a survey is against the Civil Servants Law, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, right to work, freedom of speech and freedom of labor. “We are protesting this survey which is against the laws and human rights and demand accountability from those responsible of it,” he said.