Turkey will soon become a center of attraction of world, says Interior Minister Soylu

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu on July 31 visited a military base in Siirt and wished the soldiers a happy Eid al-Adha. While addressing them, Soylu said that Turkey will "very soon" turn into a "center of attraction of the world."

Duvar English

TurkishInterior Minister Süleyman has said that the country will “anytimesoon” become a center of attraction of the world.

“Dvelopmentsthat no one of you expect will occur in Turkey. Turkey will anytimesoon become a center of attraction of the world, as long as wemaintain the peace,” Soylu said on July 31.

Soylu made the remarks as he paid a visit to a military base in the southeastern province of Siirt to celebrate the soldiers' Eid al-Adha.

“If we are at peace, then the whole Middle East and Caucasus region are at peace. If we are powerful, then the sufferers and oppressed will walk tall. We are Muslims; we are the children of a great civilization. We know how to value our neighbors, relatives, friends and what is trusted to us,” Soylu said during his visit to Siirt Pervari Doğan Military Base.

“Weare not a nation that is trying to find its way through navigation.Our way is clear all the way from the beginning; this is crystalclear. Our address is certain and our identity is known. We are thechildren of a benevolent civilization,” he said.